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I've finally created an official video walkthrough for Orchestrated Death 2. I'm glad to be able to explain a little in the commentary for the video about what happened behind the scenes and general information about the game. You can access the video from the game description (it's at the bottom). Hey... Better late than never! I'll add video walkthroughs for the rest of my games within the next few weeks :)


Orchestrated Death 2 -

ATTN: Medal Junkies!

2012-06-30 01:48:36 by OzMafioso

It's been many moons since I've mentioned it, but shit just got real... I finally updated Orchestrated Death 2 to v1.9... You can finally get the last medal! So go see if you can find where the final secret medal is located!

1st update of 2011 :o

2011-05-12 23:10:59 by OzMafioso

Been quite some time since I've last updated here or at, since last year really, lol. Anyways, nothing big, but here is a shot of news for those interested:

Orchestrated Death II Update:

This was promised shortly after the game was uploaded and updated a few times. It's solely for you Medal collectors out there who were pissed at me for making a Medal unachievable, which was not on purpose I assure you :) Either way, I've almost finished adding the Medal, then you Medal collectors can quit hating me for it!

Heist III:

Many have PM'd me asking about this one... I promise that it's still on the way! It's been kind of on the backburner because of my current project which I can't speak about yet, but keep in mind, it's still in the works. Heist is a series I hold very dearly and only expect the best out of it, so yes I'll be taking my time to make sure you guys get the best gaming experience out of it.

Orchestrated Death III:

I've been asked many times if another OD is in store for the future, but the truth is, I'm really not sure. The first two have been pretty successful, but I'm just not sure if I want to continue the series at this point. Only time will tell... But keep in mind, nothing is set in stone at the moment.

And that's about it... Truth is, I have several projects going on at the moment, even though I told myself that I wouldn't do this. But I've decided to put the rest aside and finish one at a time, so the next is my undisclosed project, and Heist should be next in line. Hope this helps those who were wondering what the deal was :)

Oz Mafioso

Finally... It's out... I apologize for the delay, It's been ready since late october but I couldn't find a sponsor for the life of me, so here it is :)

Medals will be ready for it soon, everything is implemented, just have to wait on them to clear with Newgrounds :)

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Oz Mafioso

Orchestrated Death II is here :D

Just gotta make a couple things finalized and it should be up! Expect it between now and early november, but I'm shooting to get it in before Halloween :)

Oz Mafioso

OD2: Calling all sponsors!

2010-10-11 19:20:53 by OzMafioso

Orchestrated Death 2 is ready for deployment, but I'm a little disappointed to say that my sponsor since 2006 has turned me down this time due to other big projects he's committed to. So needless to say, the game needs a sponsor! If you're a sponsor and are interested in sponsoring a BIG project, then please send me a PM on here (newgrounds) or shoot me an e-mail to "". Thanks :)

Oz Mafioso

Orchestrated Death 2 is done!

2010-10-04 00:35:31 by OzMafioso

Orchestrated Death 2 is finally finished, still some things to touch up, sponsorship to work out, but it's pretty much release time! The game will consist of 3 chapters, 8 victims and total of 9 deaths (3 per victim). Some small things are still being implemented, such as Newgrounds medals & in-game achievements. Also, some tune ups in areas on the animation are in order. Expect to see this game hit the web in the next week or two! Just in time for Halloween!

- Oz Mafioso

Orchestrated Death 2 screens

2010-07-31 04:44:40 by OzMafioso

What's up Newgrounders,

My bad for the HUGE delay in updates and in games in general, I'm trying my best to get this one finished. So, here are a few screen-shots to let you know that progress is being made :) You can see the smaller version below or you can click HERE to see the larger screen caps. Hope to have some more news for you guys soon!

Oz Mafioso

Orchestrated Death 2 screens is open for business (again...)

2010-02-06 01:04:09 by OzMafioso

There may not be a whole lot there at the moment, but is back and the walkthroughs for my games are available again. I'm still working on the redirects for the walkthrough links (only one I've got working so far is "Heist - A Thief's Nightmare"), along with other aspects of the site, but dammit it's back and puts me in a good mood :)

It's still nothing compared to what it was but it can at least be of some use with the walkthroughs, my bad for the hold-up. I'll keep any of those interested up to date as games/projects progress on here and Have a good one ladies and gentlemen :)

EDIT: ALL links to the walkthroughs are now working :) Enjoy!

It's been a while...

2010-01-16 21:21:42 by OzMafioso

What's up Newgrounders!

It's been a while since I've posted anything and that's my bad... I've been through more shit recently than I can even begin to talk about. For those wondering what's going on, I don't have a whole lot of time right now but I'll answer a couple of key questions to keep those of you wondering in the know:

* Orchestrated Death II is still in the works, it's very close to completion, but I'm still not quite where I want it to be.

* Heist III is still on it's way, it's been held up much more than OD2 and will be released after OD2, but it is still definitely coming.

* has been down and due to AT&T being evil bastards and screwing up my e-mail I've had for 10 years when I switched to dry-loop DSL thus causing me to lose all files and databases on my website. However I just got it paid, so it's no longer suspended, just still being reworked :)

Sorry I don't have more time to discuss things, but once I get settled and get things started again, I'll post an update. Thanks for your support guys :)