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An official Orchestrated Death 2 walkthrough

2015-02-05 03:03:38 by OzMafioso

I've finally created an official video walkthrough for Orchestrated Death 2. I'm glad to be able to explain a little in the commentary for the video about what happened behind the scenes and general information about the game. You can access the video from the game description (it's at the bottom). Hey... Better late than never! I'll add video walkthroughs for the rest of my games within the next few weeks :)


Orchestrated Death 2 -


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2015-02-22 11:33:18

I'm unable to get the Megapede Mutilation medal for some reason. Also, I was wondering about the cards. Do they always have to be randomized? It just seems repetitive having to play over and over again in hopes of getting the Destroyer medal.

OzMafioso responds:

No not at all. If you already have 2 cards and are missing a 3rd, you'll get the 3rd missing card. I made sure to avoid that issue when making the game :)